• 18 Villages Disadvantages Sewage in Kafr Elsheikh

  • Cairo Capital S/S1 500/220/66/22 KV GIS SIS

  • Zohr Gas Field

  • SONKER 66/22 KV GIS

  • Al Arish Cement Factory Substation GIS 220/11 KV i

  • Imbaba power station

  • BP West Nile Delta Gas Development Project

  • Al Mahmoudia Power Plant

  • West Damietta Power Station project

  • "ETHYDCO" Petrochemical complex

  • Attaqa Power station project

Company Profile

About us

Arcon Group is EPC "Engineering, Procurement, Construction "Company established with Egyptian capital in 2007, and still expanding in the field of integrated contracting and specialized works.

Trade sector also has been added to the company through business partnerships with great international companies.

In 2012, the company has expanded to have main work sectors :-

  • ARCON for Integrated Construction
  • ARCON for Specialized Works,
  • ARCON for Trading and Manufacturing

 All are under the name of ARCON GROUP.



Our ViSion & Mission

We are seeking to be the best Qualified EPC " Engineering & Procurement & Construction " Company in MENA.


Our Mision

Satisfy our client's needs by providing the highest level of sevice through motivated , talented and experienced team and also satisfy our community through the positive impact in our field

Core Values

- Commitment: Arcon makes permanent continuous efforts in order to fulfill their obligations.

- Quality: Arcon has high standards of quality that do not accept to be waived.

- Teamwork: concern for the individual and the group constitutes a value and output of collective work in Arcon.

- Excellence: ambitious of leadership and passion for excellence at Arcon makes them constantly seeking to be the best.

- Safety: Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees, clients and the community.

- Customer satisfaction: our essential goal and main value we always believ



ARCON UTC is certified applicator approved for LEADING INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURERS

The availability of the standard equipment approved for application with the Latest
application tools and machines Qualified and trained engineers and technicians

Qualified technical support and QC team to insure perfect application 

Note: Cementitious fireproofing should always be avoided where there is a lot of moisture, chemical contaminants, vibration, risk of mechanical damage according to UL 1709 and not recommended use in C5I and C5M areas.


ARCON believe that their employees are the most valued asset. 

ThereFore ARCON achieved 10 millions safe working hours from 2012 till 2019

Zero LTI

Zero injuries recuiring medical treatment.