Our Services

Arcon Group provides some civil works with the highest quality and with more than 10 years of experience in contracting, design and electricity.

concrete structure

Special concrete works and steel   structure (explosion and fire resistance)

Electrical Systems

Electrical works telecommunications and control systems. Mechanical works  elements of infrastructure and plant and machinery.

General Contracting

Manufacturing of metal works (wire fences, metal doors, stairs, black and galvanized cup stats and stainless steel), aluminum works, cladding, woodwork and all the anchors and pallets

Civil Works

Civil works, industrial and concrete with special finishing, steel structure, finishing and natural decoration

off shores Services

Off shore works, desalination plant and sea water intakes.

Restoration Services

Fire fighting in steel and water structure, auditing systems, repair, support, industrial floors and chemical resistance liner.

We will help you make your house look awesome & professional