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ARCOMIX Proof Marine

concrete mix for exposed intermittent wet/dry exposure in marine environments ,resist water penetration under conditions of hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption.

  • Specification: –

water absorption to less than 1%(BS 1881-part 122) and meeting BS EN 934-2 for water resistance.

ArcoMix Ultra strength concrete

special concrete mixes with special additives modified by micro silica to be used in blast-resistant military and industrial buildings.

Main Job Reference: –

-Zohr Gas Field fence ( blast resistance concrete).

ARCOMIX self compacting

special concrete mixes by using a new generation of admixtures Flowing concrete without segregation and bleeding, capable of filling spaces and dense reinforcement or inaccessible voids without hindrance or blockage, and without Consolidation fulfill the requirements of EN 206 regarding density, strength development, final strength, and durability.


West Damietta 500 kv

Seawater desalination plant, Water Treatment Plants,

LRT ” El- Mostaabal Project “

civil work, Metal works,

Nuweibaa SWRO, 15000 m3/day

Seawater desalination plant, Water Treatment Plants,

Cairo Capital S1 500-220-66-22 KV GIS SIS

electricity, power station,

SONKER 66/22KV GIS Substation Project

electricity, power station,

Imbaba power station

electricity, power station,

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