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Product Description

A sign is an object, quality, event, or entity whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.A natural sign bears a causal relation to its object—for instance, thunder is a sign of storm, or medical symptoms a sign of disease

Materials: Below is a list of commonly used materials:

( Acrylic, Aluminium composite panel, Corrugated plastic, Wood,

Stainless Steel, Plexiglas, Channelume )


  • Information signage
  • Directional signs
  • Exit signage

Material standard:

ASTM A 1008, ASTM A 653, ASTM C 1349, ES, No. 353 and 354, and ASTM C 1043, ASTM A 240, ASTM B 209 (ASTM B 209M) & ASTM B 308/B 308M