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Special Concrete Systems

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Specialized in design and execution of Concrete mix with special specifications for specialty purposes

•          Design, execution and test of Blast resistant concrete

•          Design, execution and test of Fire resistant concrete

•          Design and execution of Underwater Anti-Washout Concrete

•          Design and execution of ultra-strong, Self Compact Concrete for steel-concrete sectors and heavy reinforced concrete

•                     Design, execution and test of Watertight Concrete which have constant alkaline ratio and is treated to prevent corrosion and active circuitry

•                     Design and execution of Light Weight Concrete and Thermal-Acoustic Concrete while maintaining structural stress

Utilizing the latest systems, chemical materials and additives according to the latest global techniques, generations and standards along with latest execution and test equipment

Highly Skilled, well trained and certified staff

Testing and certification of concrete admixtures from certified laboratories

Execution according to the highest quality standards and time records

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