SONKER 66/22 GIS Substation

Arcon Group is implementing all civil work at SONKER 66/22 KV GIS Substation Project that include :- GIS 220 building. Control building. 3 Transformers. Gantry & Out door equipment’s. Road & landscape SONKER 66/22 GIS Substation is considered one of the most important industrial projects currently being constructed in Egypt.

Arcon Group is on the way to achieve another progress at the field of power transfer station by working with Sonker the owner of the project, and EPS the consultant of the project.

Arcon Group is executing all the civil works at SONKER 66/22 KV GIS Substation Project which includes but are not limited to:-

· Transformer foundations for 2 Nos. of 66\22 KV power transformers plus space for the two in future including the fire walls and the underground oil pits and 66 KV GIS switchgear building sufficient for 66 KV system including cable trenches and overhead crane
· Control building sufficient for 66\22 KV system and Firefighting room for 66\22 KV transformers as well as Main and secondary roads. Moreover, Foundation & structural and miscellaneous steel works for outdoor equipment in addition to Guard room and guard towers
· Outdoor cable trenches and ducts for power cables up the boundary fence and outdoor cable trenches and ducts for control cables. Moreover, Boundary wall and gates, Wire mesh fences, and Shed roof for vehicles & capacitor bank


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