Al Arish Cement Factory Substation GIS 220/11 KV in Beni suef

Arcon Group executed all civil works for Al-Arish cement factory substation 220/11 KV in Beni Sowif. It has also completed the implementation of buildings and all civil works in a record time of 4 months for dust free building. And completed the implementation for all works in 8 months. We achieved that by working in perfect harmony and cooperating with The Armament Authority the owner of the project as well as working with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) the consultant of the project.

Our statement of work included but was not limited to:- 

- GIS 220 building 
- Control building 
- 9 transformers 
- Switchgear 11KV building 
- Infrastructure (cables tranches – duct banks) 
- Gantry & outdoor equipment’s - Rood & landscape

Al-Arish cement factory is the largest cement factory in the world, it consists of six cement production lines (36,000 ton daily), whereas it has been executed in one year and two months. The factory is part of Egypt's plan to produce 84 million ton per year in 2020 Compared to 70 million ton this year.

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