Petrochemical complex project of Ethylene and Polyethylene

ETHYDCO is the Egyptian company for producing ethylene and its derivatives… a giant industrial edifice that lies on an area of 175 Acres, This Mega Project investment cost reached 1.9 Billion Dollars …

before our intervention It was shredded pieces of land and salt lakes.

But in spite of the difficult nature of the landscape and the environment in that area We turned it to be such an extremely important industrial complex.

ARCON GROUP has executed all the civil works in this project, also had established all the concrete structures beside the finishing works of the transformers’ building. ARCON has supplied and applied the blast resistant doors, specialized works and other items… It was only salt lakes lands before our interven­tion, As we turned It to be such a huge building with its great importance. We executed about 80 % of its civil works.

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